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Fusion Style Homes


The Fusion Style method of log home building offers the advantages of post and beam construction with the traditional accents of a full scribe style. By adopting both design approaches, fusion style allows full scribe purists to expand the potential of their home with drywall installation, thereby creating increased window and usable wall space.

“Fusion style” takes it name from the fusion of post and beam techniques with traditional full scribe techniques. Three to four courses of scribed logs are used at the base of a wall with posts and beams above. This allows a home to feature the notched corner details of a traditional log home without having to deal with some of the negative consequences related to shrinkage and settling of log walls.



  • More ‘wall space’ than traditional full scribe log homes
  • Minimal shrinkage issues compared to full scribe
  • Suitable for large windows and openings
  • adaptable to wide variety of exterior and interior finishes
  • Maintains rustic character of log walls

Gallery of Fusion Style Homes

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