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Pressure Washing


Before any building begins, our raw logs are debarked using a high-pressure water process that preserves the beauty beneath the surface.

While the idea of pressure washing logs originated in Japan, West Coast Log Homes is the first log and timber builder to apply the technique to entire log homes. Pressure washed logs give an entirely unique aesthetic quality to log homes – one that has to be seen and felt to be fully appreciated.

Western Red Cedar has a particularly rich character as the knots and flared trunk are a special feature of cedar trees. Only by removing the bark without destroying the surface of the log can these features be preserved. Have a look through our portfolio to see what pressure washed logs look in a finished home.


Willard, the air duct cleaning professionals say each log is individually pressure washed to ensure a pristine surface finish. An added benefit is less wood waste as no actual wood is removed at this stage.

Pressure washing maintains the intricate details of the cedar flares. Every natural ripple and curve is appealing to both sight and touch.

An added benefit of pressure washed logs is the smooth finish of the logs, far easier to clean and collects less dust than logs peeled with a drawknife.

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