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Design Services

Design is arguably the most important step in the building process. This is where creativity can flourish and problems can be solved without the need for expensive changes after construction begins. Our design professionals work hand in hand with the homeowner from concept sketches to final details. By working with West Coast Log Homes to design your log and timber project you gain access to the experience of our designers, who truly understand the exquisite characteristics of log and timber that many conventional designers may not fully grasp.

West Coast Log Homes can provide design services from initial concept to final detail.

Custom Design

Virtually all of our projects have been designed from the ground up to suit the particular needs of each client. This process begins with an initial concept which sets the stage for further design work. Custom designs have the added advantage of being purpose-built for the clients needs and the unique characteristics of the building site.

3-D Renderings

Each design is complemented by realistic 3-D renderings of the finished home. Without training and experience interpreting 2-D architectural plans is challenging. 3-D renderings and virtual walkthroughs can help homeowners better visualize their custom home. It is also with these renderings that design decisions become much more clear as window sizes, views, light and shadow can all be taken into consideration.

Shop Drawings

Due to the intricate nature of log and timber work, detailed ‘shop drawings’ are prepared for each project. Separate from the architectural plans, shop drawings show each individual timber or log element within the home noting its exact size, location, and joinery detail. Preparing shop drawings is vital to ensuring a project is built accurately and efficiently.

We offer full design services as well as design consultation for log and timber projects.

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