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Post and Beam Homes


Using whole logs, post and beam structures are built using precision joinery resulting in a home of immense strength and beauty. Entire tree trunks become posts and beams; each unique log has its own carefully selected place in the home that accentuates its strength and splendor. Wall openings are framed using conventional wood framing, leaving many options for exterior siding and interior finishes. Our log home building designers will work with you to create the finest post and beam home imaginable.



  • Flexible design
  • No ‘shrinkage’ and ‘settling’ issues
  • Suitable for large windows and openings
  • adaptable to wide variety of exterior and interior finishes
  • No need for metal hardware

Post and Beam is by far our most popular product. The use of whole logs combined with traditional timber joinery allows the natural character of the logs to show through without the extreme amount of logs found in a traditional full scribe log home. For people who enjoy the natural look of wood, having a post and beam structure is ideal because of the inherent flexibility in design and finishing options it provides. West Coast Log Homes can design post and beam homes to fit any number of design guidelines. With the appropriate aesthetic design choices post and beam homes can fit into both urban and rural landscapes. The post and beam style can be adapted to any setting.

Gallery of Post and Beam Homes

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